Outdoor Landscape Design at Albert Park

142 Danks St, Albert Park VIC 3206

The residents of 142 Danks St., Albert Park, contacted Red’s Landscaping and Design for an outdoor landscape design job. The job was done in January 2021. The house was quite roomy; there was enough, but not a lot, of space for landscaping, so we made use of it.

A neighborhood of Melbourne, Albert Park is located 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) south of the city’s CBD. Albert Park, a sizable urban park with a lake that is part of the City of Port Phillip’s local government area, is the inspiration for the name of the suburb.

Except for 2020–2021, because of the COVID–19 lockdowns, the Australian Grand Prix has been held at the Albert Park Circuit since 1996.


Located close by, Albert Park is home to a sizable portion of the expansive Albert Park and Lake, which was once known as South Park until it was also named after Prince Albert in the 19th century.

From St. Vincent Gardens to Beaconsfield Parade and Mills Street, Albert Park is a suburb. As a residential extension of Emerald Hill, it was settled (South Melbourne). Wide streets, historic structures, terraced homes, outdoor cafes, parks, and considerable stands of mature exotic trees, such as Canary Island Date Palm and London Planes, are its defining features.


Most of the year, the weather feels extremely pleasant, however, summers are hot and winters are frigid with very little likelihood of precipitation. Albert Park boasts a lengthy beachfront and several interesting elements, such as numerous opulent structures.

Bicyclists, runners, and strollers frequently visit the lake. On bright days, dozens of little yachts sail around the lake.

Outdoor Landscape Albert Park

As the gallery demonstrates, there was exposed ground on either side of the walkway leading to the front door. We dug deep enough to plant grass in the soil. The grass appeared to be a lush carpet of the same colour. The walkway looked more appealing when it was surrounded by green grass.

We checked the entire house to make sure there were no flaws. To keep the plants healthy and alive throughout the year, our team placed specific plant types on the fence based on the climate. The Timber Outdoor Shower was constructed.

The owner’s delight at the transformation of the home’s exterior from dull grey to rich green and lovely was not lessened by outdoor landscape design.

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