Residential Swimming Pool Design at Broadbeach Waters

13 Cleland Cres, Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218

Australia’s Queensland state includes Broadbeach Waters as a neighborhood of the City of Gold Coast. Broadbeach Waters is a fantastic neighborhood with a top-notch lifestyle and is also a wise investment for the future of your family.

Perfect in every way Kurrawa Beach serves as the focal point of Broadbeach, which is compared to the Gold Coast’s metropolis and combines Australian beach culture with upscale housing, restaurants, and retail.


The Nerang River forms Broadbeach Waters’ northern border. The majority of the properties in the area are next to or very close to man-made canals, and it is virtually entirely residential. In the southeast corner of the neighborhood is where you’ll find Pacific Fair Shopping Center.


The Gold Coast in Queensland experiences a subtropical climate with about 300 days of sunshine annually. Use this weather information to your advantage when making travel plans, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen. The comfortable average summertime temperature is 21 degrees. On the Gold Coast, the likelihood of rainy days changes throughout the year. October 24 to May 24 is the wetter season, which has a 7-month duration with a greater than 27% chance of precipitation on any one day.

Residential Swimming Pool Design at 13 Cleland Cres, Broadbeach Waters

The homes in Broadbeach Waters have wonderful architecture, are roomy, and have gardens and swimming pools. We finished a project to design a swimming pool in August 2018. The residential pool had to have the perfect appearance to fit into the upscale neighborhood. Our team went to the location, examined the area, talked with the owner, and created a 3D model of the swimming pool. Specific blueprints, including everything from pool size and shape to depth and lighting, as well as any unique features and enclosures, would be provided by our specialized engineer.

The model had every element needed for a flawless Residential Swimming Pool Design Melbourne. The construction phase of the swimming pool followed the design phase. To maintain its standard and longevity, high-quality materials were employed. We installed the swimming pool filter as well as the necessary equipment, including top-quality pool pumps and filters.

Our specialty is balancing pool chemistry. High-quality imported pool chlorine granules, chlorine pills, algaecide, and PH+ were all kept in stock.

We offer trained and experienced pool leak repair services. Before reinforcing the pool’s base, we carefully laid out, dug, and insulated the pool. The finishing process involved landscaping the perimeter of the pool to give it a flawless finish.

From flawless tiling and lighting to magnificent enclosures, it elevated the outdoor pool to astounding heights.

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