11 Knoll Pl, Keilor East VIC 3033

Keilor East Landscaping and Design


A suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Keilor East is 13 kilometers (8.1 mi) north-west of the city’s CBD and is governed by the local governments of Moonee Valley and the City of Brimbank.

In general, East Keilor is an excellent place to live. Families find it appealing since it is reasonably priced and has convenient access to public transportation, schools, and shopping centers (Highpoint & DFO). The city, airport, and freeways are all conveniently close by.



In the City of Brimbank, the Maribyrnong River forms the western boundary of Keilor East. The land has a wide range of plants because the environment allows for the growth of many types. There is enough water available.



Melbourne has a temperate climate, with warm to hot summers, pleasant and mild spring and fall weather, and chilly, crisp winters. Melbourne rarely experiences uncomfortable cold or excruciating heat, but when temperature extremes do happen occasionally, it can get extremely hot. It is the ideal location for both living and visiting because it has parks, hospitals, and lovely restaurants.


3D Landscaping Design at Keilor East

Red’s Team of professionals had a job of 3D landscape designing at Keilor East back in April 2022. The area allotted was rather large, and a suitable landscaping plan was required. We examined it from a variety of perspectives before designing a visually pleasing landscape structure based on our thorough awareness of the surrounding environment. Every inch of the area was used. After carefully analyzing the client’s needs and preferences, we built a Sketchup for Landscape Design and offered recommendations for particular plants, pieces of furniture, varieties of grass, and other design components appropriate for the space.

Our group took care of the entire landscaping. Swimming pools, landscape architecture, and plant choices were all present. The client adored the 3D landscape design we generated after we checked to make sure nothing was missing.

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