11 Canadian Bay Rd, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Murraya Hedge Trimming Mount Aliza


A beachside residential area on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria, Mount Eliza is situated 42 kilometers (26 miles) southeast of the city’s CBD and is governed by the Shire of Mornington Peninsula.


Daveys Bay, Canadian Bay, Ranelagh Beach, Half Moon Bay, Moondah Beach, and Sunnyside North Beach are just a few of the beaches and bays in Mount Eliza. Additionally, Mount Eliza is home to a number of waterways, including Ballar Creek, Earimil Creek, Gunyong Creek, Manmangur Creek, and Manyung Creek, as well as the Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna Reserve.


Living in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula is a terrific choice. With its comfortable and welcoming environment, it boasts a range of boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants along the main strip, making you feel right at home.

You are most likely to have pleasant weather with average temperatures between 20 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius during the months of March, April, October, November, and December.

Murraya Hedge Trimming at Mount Eliza

In January 2014, we finished the Murraya Hedge project at Mount Eliza by Reds Landscaping and Design Team. The building needed to have its hedges trimmed because they were overgrown. The Murraya Hedge had some areas that had gone yellow. The plant had obstructed the pathway and had a slightly out-of-place appearance for the property due to overgrowth and being neglected for an extended length of time.

Southeast Asian evergreen Murraya Hedge grows to a height of around 3 meters (10 feet). Their blossoms have an exact orange blossom scent. The blooms are abundantly produced in the spring and again in the late summer or early fall, although they also frequently bloom after a particularly severe downpour. The plant produces a great privacy screen or hedge because of its dense, twiggy form and glossy, dark green foliage.

By supplying well-drained soil that was enhanced with organic matter and a position that was exposed to the sun, Red’s landscaping professionals took care of the hedge. After sufficiently soaking the area, we mulched the surrounding area to keep the soil cool and discourage weed growth. To make sure the hedge grows strong and healthy, we fertilized the plot on a regular basis.

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