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Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria


The Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria is situated in Melbourne. Since its establishment in 1846, the Royal Botanic Gardens have housed around 50,000 unique plants from 8,500 different species. With trees, garden beds, lakes, and lawns, it covers 38 hectares and slopes to the river.

The distance between the Melbourne city center and the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is about two kilometers. The Royal Botanic Gardens Board is in charge of running the gardens, which are owned by the residents of Victoria.



Victoria is the most varied state in Australia and is the top producer in both agriculture and industry. Its terrain includes mountains, rainforests, beaches, vineyards, deserts, snowfields, wheat lands, and market gardens. It is situated in the southeast and is bordered by South Australia and New South Wales.


Living Outdoor Environment

The winters in Victoria are extremely cold, wet, and usually cloudy, while the summers there are cool, dry, and partly cloudy. The average annual temperature fluctuates between 37°F and 66°F, rarely falling below 28°F or rising over 72°F. So, for tourists, it is quite pleasant to wander, go to restaurants, and enjoy the fresh air.


Botanical Garden Design Services Melbourne

The Royal Botanic Garden selected Reds Landscaping’s team of professionals back in September 2019 for their Botanical Garden Design Services Melbourne project. Since the Royal Botanic Garden’s entire floor is covered in a beautiful green carpet, clipping the grass was our top concern.

Victoria has many places which make it special and popular for a month, one of which is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Due to its rich floral variety, people are drawn to it and it needs extra care to keep the flowers and plants fresh and alive.

Our professionals took special care to maintain and nourish ferns by providing them with filtered shade because they cannot tolerate direct, hot sun.

Additional appropriate steps were taken to prevent root rot. Selecting and caring for the plant species of the genus Vriesea hieroglyphica, it is known as the “King of Bromeliads.” We chose it since Vrieseas can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions. Both regions with brilliant indirect sunlight and areas that are shaded will be ideal for them. Compared to other popular bromeliads, Vrieseas are more tolerant of deep shade. A Vriesea needs more humidity to prevent scorching the leaves and the more sunlight it receives.

Plants like Phoenix Canariensis is a type of flowering plant that is indigenous to the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco and belongs to the Arecaceae family of palms. It is related to the actual date palm, Phoenix dactylifera. Though it has a slow growing cycle, it adds charm to the garden and so it was chosen for the lush green garden. The Canary only develops at a regular pace of 6 inches each year, occasionally as quickly as 12 inches.