Indoor plants can make your space feel prettier, brighter, and greener. Indoor plants naturally purify the air, promote feelings of happiness, and inspire us to reconnect with nature. Indoor low light plants require less water and are also easy to maintain. When selecting indoor plants, it is essential to choose such species that can thrive with limited sunlight exposure. It’s also vital to think about how much sunlight you can provide. In apartments with fewer or no windowsills, there are plenty of indoor low light plants that you can choose to decorate your space. You can always brighten up your low light indoors with some gloomy, colourful indoor plants like philodendrons and lady’s palms.

Not Enough Lightning: Don’t Worry

Below is a list of the best plants that will do well indoors under low-light environments. No matter which dark nook of the room you place them in, they will still survive.

1. Philodendron

Philodendron is at the top of the list among the best plants for indoor low light conditions. Their tolerance for dark interiors makes them the number one indoor household plant. The plant loves wall climbing and can be grown in hanging baskets. Philodendron leaves are typically large, glossy, and heart-shaped, with colours ranging from vibrant to deep, rich green. Philodendron has two colourful foliage named ‘Brasil” and Micans”. Each philodendron can grow up to 8 feet high.

Philodendron - Redslandscaping

2. Maidenhair Fern 

Maidenhair, scientifically named Adiantum, is renowned for its lacy, fan-shaped fronds composed of numerous small leaflets. Its tiny, widespread leaves clustered around the dark stem give it the appearance of a fuzzy head. With an average size of 1-2 feet, Maidenhair ferns can bring colour to your study or kitchen table, making them perfect for indoor low light environment.

Maidenhair fern - Redslandscaping


3. ZZ Plant 

The ZZ plant, or Zanzibar Gem, is another low-maintenance indoor plant that can survive without natural sunlight. The plant has shiny, broad, oval-shaped leaves that grow upward. The stems of the ZZ plant are stout and succulent. The plant originates from Eastern Africa and has adapted to survive in arid and dry conditions. Above all, the ZZ plant has air-purifying qualities, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Zanzibar Gem - Redslandscaping

4. Lucky bamboo 

As the name suggests, Lucky bamboo is considered a plant to bring good luck and fortune to the house. Lucky bamboo can grow in soil as well as in water. They have structural stalks with dotted to dark green leaves. Embrace this lucky bamboo to your indoor space to bring a sense of joy and optimism to your space. Lucky bamboo is also a low-maintenance indoor plant and can reach up to a height of 5 feet.

Lucky bamboo - Redslandscaping

5. Spider Plant 

The plant is named spider plant as its long-elongated leaves evolve like spider legs. Its dangle-down leaves from the parent plant make him look like a spider stuck in the web. Spider plants can be grown in hanging trails, climbing on the walls and in a pot. Spider plants are a good choice for rooms with low light conditions, and they do survive well with minimal water intake.

Spider Plant - Redslandscaping

6. Golden pothos

Golden Pothos are trailing plants with native roots from South-east Asia. The plant can tolerate humidity and can also survive with nearly no water. Being one of the most popular houseplants, the pothos are easy to grow and care for. Pothos has beautiful heart-shaped leaves in various colours, including dark green, chartreuse, and white green. A great choice as an Indoor low light plant.

Golden pothos - Redslandscaping

7. Snake Plant 

Sansevieria plant species is another low-light indoor plant that requires nearly little maintenance. Thick sword-like leaves of the snake plant give him a striking appearance. Its leaves are also sometimes referred to as mother-in-law tongue as sharp as that one. Snake plants have minimal water intake requirements, so remember not to overwater them. Snake plants are visually striking, bringing touch to nature and beautifying your indoors.

Sansevieria plant - Redslandscaping

8. Staghorn Fern 

Staghorn ferns are epiphytic means they can naturally grow over other host plants instead of soil. Staghorn fern has distinct green leaves that grow large and looks like deer antlers. Staghorn fern can be grown over wooden boards and other plants as external saplings, making them look like one-of-a-kind art pieces in the household. Staghorn fern is an indoor low light plant that can burn out in direct sunlight.

Staghorn ferns - Redslandscaping

9. English Ivy 

English ivy, native to Europe and Western Asia, is a versatile and widely used indoor plant. English Ivy, with its beautiful trailing and dainty green leaves, spreads over the ground creating an elegant appearance. English Ivy can add visual appeal to landscapes when hung against walls. With its ornamental value, English Ivy is also suitable for its air-purifying properties making it an ideal choice for offices, homes and kitchens.

English ivy - Redslandscaping

10. Peace Lily 

Large dark green leaves and blooming white flower of peace lily had gained him immense popularity among tropical Americans. Its leaves emerge from a central crown, and the foliage looks aesthetically pleasing. Peace lily prefers well-drained soil and needs to be watered nearly twice a week. Peace lily can adapt to various temperatures and is a cherished indoor plant to decorate yours indoors.


No doubt, the plants mentioned above can survive under low lighting. But still, they require some amount of indirect sunlight to stay healthy. It’s always good to monitor your plant’s watering needs and not to overwater your indoor plants. You can create a tranquil and lush atmosphere by incorporating these unique and captivating 10 best indoor low light plants into your space. Embrace the opportunity to transform your shaded corners into vibrant oases reminiscent of the natural wonders found in tropical forests. With some care and attention, your low-light plants will thrive, adding a touch of serenity and nature’s beauty to your home.


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