3D Render Package

3D Landscape Rendering Package

3D Render Package, will allow you to collaborate your design in real time with one of our senior landscape architects. Using some advanced software/hardware we can create immediate 3D renders. This allows visual assessment of the design from every viewpoint. It will let you see and understand how all the elements are intended to come together giving an instant serenity.

Our software can create an artificial sun and project light and heat on any given day or time. This ability to replicate the exact angle and temperature of the sun rays projecting on the building prior to construction is  why this package is the peoples favourite. With this amount of influence and control over your future outdoor space, its easy to see how this package will drive confidence, clarity and transparency into the build and assure all trades and parties are moving towards the same goal.

Botanical Design Package

Botanical Design Package is designed with your preferred colour pallet and style of plants. Our dedicated horticulturalist will ensure the plants selected will work with your soil and weather requirements and will sustain growth for years to come. This package comes with 2 snapshot renders detailing how the planting scheme will look established and it will feature installation and care guide to ensure plants reach maturity.

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Botanical Design Package

Featuring 2 snapshot renders, an installation plan and care guide. This package will bolster the design, beauty & vitality of your new garden!

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Structural Design Package

With engineer details, supervision and sign off, this package will increase project speed, efficiency,  safety and will help mitigate and manage budget.

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2D Landscape Design Package

This design package has been customised for the home handyman and contains all information required to complete an exterior renovation!


3D Landscape Design Render

This design package has been customised for the home handyman and contains all information required to complete an exterior renovation!



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2D Landscape Design Package

Our 2D Design Package is very similar to a house plan, showing a ‘birds eye view’ of the property. Our 2D package contains detailed plant schedules, quantities, spacings and placement location in accordance with a set of irrigation and hydraulic drawings. The collaboration and synergy of these two documents is fundamental to your landscapes success, it will ensure that no plant goes through its establishment period without consistent daily watering.

Our 2D package also comes with a landscape lighting plan, which will allow you to turn your focal points into a lit up a solar powered feature a night, adding interest and security to your outdoor space. If your considering constructing this design as it may not require licencing or engineering this package is all you need to get from start to finish. These plans contain all information required to start and finish the build.

Structural Design Package

Our Structural Design Package  features engineering details and documentation for all civil and landscaping that falls under a BRSL license. It  comes with all take offs, mark ups and quantity surveying submitted in the form of a commercial tender. This tender application can be issued to local contractors for construction pricing. It will also form the bases of a major works contract with your preferred contractor should you choose to go ahead with the build.

Contractors purchasing the 2D landscape design package that need to add in those extra hardscape elements, can now purchase our structural drawings package. If speed and efficiency is a factor on your project, these drawings will breakdown all complicated scope into fine detail. With engineer supervision and sign off this is great value and will help to insure your projects success. Engineering and structural details can assisted with foundations, civils, pergolas, pools, spa, pavements, saw cut, waterproofing and much more.

With a professional team of landscape designers & horticulturists Reds Landscaping Melbourne shares a wealth of experience, creative flair, and knowledge to give you the outcome you are looking for. Whether you are looking to design something new or simply spruce up your present garden, Red’s Landscaping Melbourne are here to work with you right from the first consultation to the end result, ensuring to exceed your expectations.
Working alongside some of Melbournes best architects, interior designers, and builders we are capable of undertaking almost any project. Using our close network we will strive to create the perfect outdoor living experience for all sized projects great and small.
Reds Landscaping Melbourne is a fully licensed and insured company that prides itself on great communication and always meeting deadlines. We have a great history of success in both Melbourne and Gold Coast, please enjoy our projects pages featuring client testimonials.

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