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Owner, and director of Red’s Landscaping. I have created this domain to share my love of horticulture and Landscaping. I aim to keep this space a portfolio of passion for gardens and the environment.

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Our Services
Commercial Construction
Our team of qualified tradesmen, trained staff and skilled contractors, have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial garden construction and commercial landscaping.

Red’s will ensure that the construction of your project is both cost effective and time efficient, while guaranteeing the best quality outcome. Modern horticulture is not just about flowerbeds and borders. Our experience and training in horticulture, and our landscape design expertise, will bring your Gold Coast Landscaping vision to life.
Residential Construction
The modern Australian garden demands innovative approaches to design as it continues to evolve. Our team adapts to this, embracing evolution and approaching gardening in a holistic way – in every aspect of landscape design and construction.

The management of our projects and the high level of communication throughout, supported by the continued input of our landscape architects and designers during construction, to ensure an enjoyable and inclusive process for our clients.
Garden Maintenance
Garden maintenance is a critically important aspect to landscaping in Australia. The Gold Coast climate is optimal for plant growth, which can result in the need for regular garden maintenance.

With our expertise in horticulture, and low maintenance gardening, we are able to recommend ways to keep your maintenance budget at a minimum.
Creating customer delight by designing dramatic outdoor living spaces, whilst ensuring they are functional, self contained eco-friendly environments.
  • To design and maintain thriving landscapes using ecological garden designs and the latest management techniques, whilst still providing cost effective solutions.
  • To creatively approach every landscape challenge with design solutions that maximises the effectiveness of the client’s investment.
  • To exceed the client’s needs and wants with creative approaches that address problems with practical, innovative and dramatic solutions.
  • To continuously improve our landscaping design and maintenance processes by investing in quality relevant education and certification.
  • To inspire customers, both gardeners and potential gardeners, to contribute to plant biodiversity, provide a haven for wildlife and human spirit, while doing no harm to the earth, wildlife, or those who maintain the garden.
  • To continually learn from the natural world, other gardeners, and the scientific community about new and effective techniques for sustainable garden design and management.
  • To be a good citizen by exceeding the requirements of regulations, legislation and environmental protection. This is achieved by specifying the best possible materials and processes for our sub-contractors.
***Please note that we are primarily a design and soft landscaping company specialising in horticulture, design and maintenance. Our core business does not include building design, sewerage plumbing, gas fitting, termite inspections or pre-purchase inspections. Any building construction, that is not pastoral or agricultural fencing, over the value of $3300 will be tendered, contracted by, and constructed under the auspices of our QBCC licensed nominee.