Murraya paniculata 'min-a-min' is a fine textured evergreen wood shrub that makes a great hedge.

Espalier, Hedge Trimming and Pleaching to the Converted.

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Creating a hedge and tree pruning are gardening techniques which can be used to great effect in any visually any size of garden. These techniques can be used to control and direct the size, shape and direction of plant growth. When combined with plant supports, such as trellises and other plants, an interesting garden effect can be created. Of course, …

The 16th century tower at Sissinghurst provides a great view of the English classic garden and lawns.

English classic garden design

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There is no doubt that the Australian garden style, especially prior to the 1930s, was heavily influenced by the English classic garden design. These gardens were in turn influenced by French, Italian and Spanish gardens and ideas brought back to England from the Grand Tour. Italianate classic garden design can be seen in the lines of symmetry in these English …