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Small Garden Design Ideas

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If you are living in a Gold Coast townhouse with a small backyard, you might be thinking about what can be achieved in such a small space. Designing as small garden for your Gold Coast front yard or backyard can present some unique challenges for the home gardener. Whilst some similar design philosophies to large garden design can be followed, …

Green Couch

Mermaid Beach Nature strip with Oz Tuff “Oz-E-Green” couch grass turf lawn.

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On Our recent turf laying project in Mermaid Beach, we chose Oz-E-Green Oz Tuff couch grass. (Cynodon dactylon) “Oz-E-Green”. This is a variety of Bermuda or green couch that was developed in Queensland to be hard wearing, salt tolerant and drought tolerant. An added bonus is that it requires mowing less often due to limited inflorescence production. This means that …