Red’s Landscape Gardening Maintenance

“Each plant has a unique formula. Three years of full time horticulture study has given me a great insight into the biology of plants. Understanding the plants wants and requirements is paramount to planting in the coasts’ sandy, barren soils. There is no plant we can’t care for and no plant we couldn’t bring the best out of.”
– Red’s Landscape Gardening

All gardens, no matter how well they are designed and constructed, need to be taken care of on a daily basis. If you are a busy professional or would rather just enjoy your landscape than spend many hours in the hot sun taking care of it, then leave it to the team here at Red’s Landscape Gardening.

Engaging us in a planned garden maintenance program ensures that your vision for the garden never wilts and is kept as polished as it was when it was first constructed. Our team will make use of extensive horticultural knowledge and underlying familiarity with garden care to establish, develop and then maintain it as planned from initial landscape design concept stage. Our qualified and dependable service is led by professional teams of experienced and informed horticulturists and gardeners.

We carry out and make propositions to establish, cultivate and develop the garden to create a successful flourishing outdoor space, which will always look the same as the day you first laid eyes on it. Our expert teams can handle all facets of a finished garden. This includes all relevant horticultural practices, irrigation maintenance, water feature maintenance, high pressure cleaning of hard surfaces, lawn mowing as well as more specific maintenance such as formative pruning. With a Red’s Landscape planned garden maintenance program, you are conserving your hard earned investment.

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