Garden Maintenance Gold Coast

Red's Landscaping & Garden Maintenance Gold Coast

“Each plant has a unique formula. Three years of full time horticulture study has given me a great insight into the biology of plants. Understanding the plants wants and requirements is paramount to planting in the coasts’ sandy, barren soils. There is no plant we can’t care for and no plant we couldn’t bring the best out of.”
– Callum O’Brien

Red's Landscaping & Garden Maintenance Gold Coast

One of the main key elements I learned during all my years at university was that it doesn’t matter how well the garden is designed or how much was spent to achieve the final product, no garden will survive without the proper care and garden maintenance. The after care of any garden constructed needs to be of top priority and upmost importance, if the maintenance of any garden is not proper it’s a guarantee that the plants will die and need to be replaced, which is a very costly thing and can be quite time consuming.

At Red’s we take pride in that our extensive horticultural knowledge and underlying familiarity with garden care will see your garden to continue to thrive through all seasons and blossom when the time is right. From guiding you to the correct and most sustainable fertilizers through to everyday simple tasks to prevent you the worst from happening to you evergreen garden.

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