Next Gen Landscape Design

At the forefront of Red’s prestigious landscaping projects, is a guarantee of complete satisfaction and top of the line materials. Being industry leaders, our landscape designs will be tailored to your preferred influence, styles and colour pallet.

If you’re unsure about what style would best suit you, don’t worry, our friendly landscape architects are on hand to help you make informed decisions about your design. Our landscape design style focuses on Native, Tropical, Sustainable, Formal and Cottage style gardens.

Tailored 2D Digital Plan

At Red’s Landscaping our highly experienced landscape architects use some of the best architectural landscaping design technology on the market right now to design your own unique state of the art landscape plan.

  • Face to face consultation

    Via Skype or in person

  • Complete custom design

    Edits included until 100% satisfaction

  • Irrigation plans

    Suggested irrigation layout is included.

Realistic 3D Digital Render

At Red’s we utilise the latest in advanced 3D modelling to show a clear vision and make your dream garden a reality. Starting with the basis of a 2D plan, we’re able to re-create the desired plan in full  3D.

Removing the guesswork, allowing the designer, landscape architect and garden owner to see eye-to-eye.

  • Night/Day Visualisations

    3D Imagery from any angle/time of day.

  • Virtual walk through

    Easily see what is envisioned by the client.

  • Personal virtual tour

    In person or Skype tour with real time edits.

Material Estimations and Quotation Package

We not only know how to design elegant landscapes, we are also experts in landscape construction and landscape maintenance. For a stylish and refined landscape, we can build or we can outsource to our approved partnered contractors.

With this material estimation and quotation package we use our landscape architecture software to calculate all materials needed for the job.

What’s Included:

  • Compost, Soils quantities and suggested suppliers.


  • Mulch, Rock, Pebble quantities and suppliers


  • Turf M2 amounts and suggested suppliers


  • Fencing quotation and suggested builders


  • Paving, Tiling quotations and suggested landscapers


  • Decking, Pergola quotations and suggested builders


  • Provide plant photos of available nursery stock


Contact Red’s Landscaping Gold Coast

The design process for the 3 packages takes our Gold Coast landscape architects around 7 days to complete. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to give me a call on 0424 350 910. Consultations before purchase can be arranged.

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