The 16th century tower at Sissinghurst provides a great view of the English classic garden and lawns.

English classic garden design

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There is no doubt that the Australian garden style, especially prior to the 1930s, was heavily influenced by the English classic garden design. These gardens were in turn influenced by French, Italian and Spanish gardens and ideas brought back to England from the Grand Tour. Italianate classic garden design can be seen in the lines of symmetry in these English …

Weed Control

Weed Control on the Gold Coast.

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One of the great things about gardening on the Gold Coast is the enormous range of plants that can be grown and also how quickly everything grows especially when some good rain comes. Unfortunately, this also applies to the weeds. There is also a wide range, and they grow rapidly under certain weather conditions. The key to effective weed control …

A well maintained lawn

Lawn care on the Gold Coast. Tips for creating a beautiful lawn.

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It is often a dream of home owners to have a beautiful patch of bright green lawn in their backyard. Many people will be have been watching the cricket and admiring the beautiful condition of the outfield turf covering the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Some people are a little less enthusiastic about the wicket. With the Commonwealth games beginning in April …

Pet friendly garden design

Pet friendly Garden Design with couch lawn and potted plants.

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Lawn Selection A patch of lawn, even if it a small patch, will provide recreational space for children and pets in your backyard. In this garden design, a stepped brush fence creates a screen for the colorbond garden shed. If you have a lot of brush fence, consider breaking it up with some vertical gardens. Having a shed in the …

Green Couch

Mermaid Beach Nature strip with Oz Tuff “Oz-E-Green” couch grass turf lawn.

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On Our recent turf laying project in Mermaid Beach, we chose Oz-E-Green Oz Tuff couch grass. (Cynodon dactylon) “Oz-E-Green”. This is a variety of Bermuda or green couch that was developed in Queensland to be hard wearing, salt tolerant and drought tolerant. An added bonus is that it requires mowing less often due to limited inflorescence production. This means that …

Sweet Smother Grass

Growing lawn in the shade.

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Lawn grown in the shade of a tree or building often becomes sparse from lack of sunlight. Choosing a lawn grass that is tolerant of moderate shade can help, when combined with appropriate turf care. Normally lawn grass grown in shade will struggle due to the lack of sunlight even on the Gold Coast. Choosing a lawn grass species that …