Outdoor Pool Shower

The Outdoor Pool Shower as a Landscape Design idea.

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If you are living one of the Gold Coast seaside suburbs like Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach or Miami, an outdoor pool shower is a great idea for your Gold Coast Garden Design. The outdoor pictured features matching pool tiling, copper pipe and brass shower head. Outdoor pool showers are very practical solution especially in a climate like the Gold Coast …

Colorado Blue Spruce

Living Christmas Trees

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If you have had enough of pine needles in your house or in your car, or if you find it difficult to dispose of the tree after Christmas, consider using a living Christmas tree. Amongst the Australian Native choices for a living Christmas Trees is Banksia Nutans or nodding banksia. As it is suitable for growing in pots, tubs or …

Lomandra Seascape

Lomandra Seascape

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With its beautiful blue grey foliage and elegant weeping habit, it is no wonder that Australian native grasses like the Lomandra Seascape is so popular. What might be surprising, is to see it growing in the Belgium city of Bruges. The Lomandra is both drought tolerant and frost tolerant. It is evergreen in most situations and almost indestructible. The toughness …

Sweet Smother Grass

Shade tolerant grass “Sweet Smother Grass” Dactyloctenium australe

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“Sweet Smother Grass” Dactyloctenium australe. Shade tolerant grass for Gold Coast Garden Design. If you are looking for a variety of grass for shady areas, consider the “Sweet Smother Grass” also known as Durban grass or Berea. It is a medium coarse textured creeping grass, but easier to keep under control than kikuyu. Ideal for the low maintenance garden. This …

United Nations World Soil Day

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The 5th of December was the United Nations “World Soil Day”. This is an important time to remember the importance of soil, not just in gardening, but in life itself. The soil is an indispensable ingredient for the life of humans, animals and ,of course, plants. The soil supplies nutrients and raw materials, storage and filtered water. The soil can …

tuckeroo tree, cupaniopsis anacardioides, butcher bird, native

Wildlife in the Garden

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Wildlife In The Garden Australian cities are rapidly expanding into greenfields areas to accommodate our way of life, however, this is threatening the habitats of Australia’s wildlife. In order to sustain healthy populations of native wildlife, we need to adapt our methods of gardening in urban environments. While the average suburban backyard is not likely to become a sanctuary for …

Kangaroo Paw in the subtropics

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Anigozanthos ‘Bush Pearl’ also known as Pink Kangaroo paw. Native to Western Australia, kangaroo paw are lovers of harsh dry arid conditions. I’m surprised to find how well they perform in the Gold Coast subtropics. Kangaroo paw are notorious for struggling with humidity in Victoria, they tend to turn black, rot and die off during the winter months. These plants …

The Queensland Garden

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It's a beautiful feeling being able to have a morning coffee in a garden you've created. This photo is Queensland Gardening. It was never my preferred style but after individually pruning every single plant in this garden, 4 tons of waste, stump removal, irrigation installation, replanting. I've fallen in love with it. This garden contains ferns from Borneo, palms from …

Formal Garden

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A garden's design should only ever be drawn from the architecture of the house. Walking through this modern, expansive and open plan home, I felt that the same principles of design should be reflected in the garden. The scale was hard to work with as it was only a tiny front garden. I knew it would be difficult to avoid …

Bottle Tree Versatility

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@_katanah_ standing by a beautiful Brachychiton rupestris also known as the Queensland bottle tree. The Queensland bottle tree has adapted to handle the harsh arid desert conditions in amazing fashion. The thick bulbous trunk allows the bottle tree to store large amounts of water. This keeps the tree hydrated through drought. The Queensland bottle tree is also deciduous meaning that …